Relocation made easy

We help you search, secure and move in to your new home - you just need to do the unpacking!

Employee Relocation Services

Full Relocation Support

Our dedicated relocation managers are on hand to support your employees with all their relocation and property related queries. This free's up your own team to concentrate on more pressing tasks.

Quality Rental Accommodation

We source the perfect home for your employee, be that an apartment share or their very own property. We do all the leg work so that they can focus on more important things like onboarding in their new role and getting to know their new team mates.

PRELO Community

Being a PRELO member your employees can build a strong support network, with other relocating professionals in their new location. This can really help your employee (and in some instances their spouse) to settle in their new location, making for a more enjoyable and healthier work-life balance.

Current Clients within the PRELO Portfolio

​These are the companies that we help to make the relocation of employees as as streamlined and stress-free as possible.

How It Works

Check out how the actual process works for your employee from the minute you engage with us, right through to when your employee is sitting having a cup of tea in their new home.