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Corporate Relocation Providers

Full Relocation Support

On hand to support busy professionals with all relocation and property related queries.


Quality Rental Accommodation

We source the perfect home for your assignee/employee so that they can focus on more important things like onboarding in their new role and getting to know their new team mates.

PRELO Community

Being a PRELO member allows your employee to build a strong support network, not just with their team members in the office, but other relocating professionals in their new city. This really helps the assignee and their partner to settle in their new location, making for a happier, more enjoyable and healthier work-life balance in their new location.


How it Works

On average it can take assignee’s weeks to finally secure the right accommodation in their new city. This not only affects the ability of the assignee to be productivity in their new role, but it also causes a financial strain on the company paying for hotel and short term rentals as an interim solution.

So how does PRELO help? Check it out below!

We register your company as a certified client of PRELO.

We assign a dedicated key account manager to your company who is on hand at all times to manage your assignee relocations. We go through a simple handover session and you can get back to the day job, knowing your assignee are in safe hands.

We treat each individual relocating employee the same way we would your CEO.

Our key account and community managers have personally relocated themselves in the past, so they know exactly the stresses and strains in which the assignee goes through. That’s why we are on hand throughout the entire relocation experience. There are no silly questions!

Securing the perfect home away from home

Our community managers will analyse your assignee’s individual cultural, lifestyle and property requirements and connect them with potential housemates and/or their own properties that meets their individual and unique needs. We look after everything from setting up viewings to negotiating with landlords.

Move-In Assistance

We even help assignee’s to set up their WiFI, Gas & Electricity. They just need to tell us what services they would like and we take care of the rest. 

Part of the PRELO family

Being a PRELO member allows those who have just recently relocated to build a strong network and support group with like-minded people. This really helps them, and in some cases their partner, settle in a new city, making for a happier, more enjoyable and healthier work/life balance overall. 

Additional Services

We know that securing accommodation in your new location is just part of the challenge when relocating. So we have a full suite of additional services that your employees/assignee’s can avail of:

Departure Services: Our dedicated relocation assistants and community managers will help your assignee’s break the relocation process down into simple, manageable steps, relieving the stress of transitioning to a new location and a new home.

Destination Services: Although new assignee’s are in unfamiliar surroundings, PRELO’s destination support when they arrive provides a touch of home. In addition to housing-related services, we’ll help them get comfortable with important day-to-day priorities like schools, transportation and even local experiences, so that they get to a unique view of their new location and what makes it tick.

Settling-In Services: Settling in at a new location is a process, and our job is to make this period for assignees as positive as possible. Our settling-in services include education and ongoing support from our community managers who are only ever a click of a button away.

Lump Sum Management:  Lump Sum programs are on the rise, and we see it as our duty to make sure that these assignee’s get the same full relocation support that your CEO would from a fully managed program. Between the PRELO team and our fully trusted network of partners, we have in-depth experience designing and managing these programs.

Setup of banking facilities: Other than securing a new home, setting up of banking facilities in your new location can be a pain. We make this super simple by allowing assignee’s to setup an online bank account at the click of a button within the PRELO app.

Partner Support: We know how challenging it can be relocating to a new city to start a new job but it is arguably more difficult for the assignee’s partner and family. That is why we also provide full support to partners to help them get to know their new surroundings and meet other people via our PRELO networking events who are going through the same stresses and strains of relocating. The PRELO family is an invaluable source of support and help, not just when relocating but on an ongoing basis.