5 Tips to make your office relocation more eco – friendly

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Moving into a new office may be the right moment to evaluate your workplace values and set the tone for your company’s culture. The recent research from TopLine Film has revealed that almost three quarters (73%) of UK office workers want their office to improve sustainability, while nearly a quarter (24%) claim they would even refuse a job at an organization with a poor sustainability record. The numbers speak for themselves – it is time to incorporate sustainability into the workplace. Start right away by moving in a much greener manner! Here are five tips to help you get through it more easily:

Talk to your employees

Prepare an action plan and communicate your environmental goals to your team. Find employees who are already passionate about sustainability and encourage them to lead the moving process. That sounds like a fantastic opportunity for team building!

Use reusable packing containers

First, conduct an inventory and use all the containers you already have to pack your items. If you need more boxes, don’t rush to a nearby store! Ask everyone around and get them used. Some of the most available eco-friendly packing materials include paper, cardboard and glass.

Donate excess inventory

Sort your office items and make sure to donate those you no longer wish to keep. It is not only a great way to get organized but also boosts your social responsibility! However, your items must be still functional and safe to use, especially electronic devices.

Hire a green transportation provider

If you truly committed to a green relocation, don’t forget to consider your carbon footprint. Choose a transportation company with transparent environmental policies. Ask them about the type of fuel they use and if they drive economically. More and more transportation companies are successfully switching to biodiesel after years of using regular petrol!

Recycle your waste

The last step is to take care of all the packing supplies you no longer need. First, give them to employees who are preparing to move as well. If there is no way to sell or donate the rest, make sure to recycle! Check your local recycling guidelines so your efforts don’t go to waste.

After the move, continue to make green choices! When it comes to environmental matters, any small actions can result in big changes. There are many more benefits of having a green office space, including reduced expenses and greater employee engagement. Be the example and inspire your team to work together for a better future.

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